Together, we make a difference.


Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To provide excellence in healthcare for our communities.

Our Vision

To be the trusted healthcare system of choice through clinical quality, excellence in service and education, compassionate care, promotion of wellness and operational efficiency.

Our Values

I-CARE (Integrity Compassion Accountability Respect Excellence)


Our actions are guided by our ethical commitments.

  • In all interactions, we dedicate ourselves to service in the best interests of our patients, residents, their families, our hospitals and our community.
  • When we recognize that something seems wrong, inappropriate or inconsistent with our values/standards, we are empowered to speak up and take positive action.
  • We follow through on our commitments, holding ourselves accountable.
  • We act with openness, honesty, and transparency in all of our communication.
  • At all times we respect the dignity and confidentiality of those we serve and each other.


We provide excellence with personal kindness.

  • We acknowledge your pain and uncertainty with understanding and empathy.
  • We see you as a person and strive to anticipate your needs and act appropriately with kindness to meet these needs.
  • Our interactions are characterized by honesty, respect, warmth and dignity.
  • We actively listen to the perspectives, values and needs of everyone and treat them as if they are our own.
  • We maintain an engaged and personal presence while serving others, while promoting a therapeutic environment.


We take responsibility for personal and team actions.

  • We embrace our professional identity and skills in the care of everyone.
  • In our appearance and demeanor, we convey a professional image.
  • We have pride in the environment around us and take positive actions for its betterment.
  • In all our interactions, we demonstrate the highest professional standards of ethics, knowledge, skill and competence in decision-making and work performance.
  • We approach challenges in a manner that reflects professional maturity, confidence and mutual respect.


We advocate for the dignity of all.

  • In our behavior, we demonstrate respect for the personal autonomy and worth of each person we serve, and with whom we serve.
  • We empathize with the feelings and needs of everyone, and recognize how our behaviors can affect each person.
  • We value and embrace the rich diversity of personal experience, cultural insight, professional identity and training in achieving our goals.
  • We actively seek out opportunities to demonstrate our regard and appreciation for all.


Commitment to quality, innovation and continuous learning.

  • We challenge the status quo in our pursuit of excellence.
  • Each of us demonstrates a personal commitment to creating and sustaining the highest standards of safety, quality and service.
  • We use quantitative and qualitative information to measure and demonstrate improvements in outcomes. 
  • Individually, and as teams, we work together to improve what we do on a daily basis.
  • We embrace change in the pursuit of innovation and superior care.