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Library Services

The mission of Library Services at Mohawk Valley Health System is to excel in providing timely, authoritative, high quality healthcare information to meet your needs. The Library supports the goals of our organization to continuously improve the quality of your care.

Consumer and Allied Health Libraries

The Consumer and Allied Health Library, located on the first floor of The Regional Cancer Center at Faxton Campus, provides comprehensive, up-to-date information through its books, magazines and internet access. A TV/VCR/DVD player, photocopier and CD/tape player are available for use.

Patients and family members are encouraged to contact our medical librarian to assist them in their research and information gathering as they learn about their disease and diagnosis. Information is available on a variety of types of cancers, medical tests, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and alternative medicine.

Our medical librarian at our St. Elizabeth campus also provides assistance to patients, families and the public. The librarian will be happy to research or provide information in easily read formats on diseases, surgeries, drug information, alternative medicine, and other specific topics upon request and can mail information packets to you.

Medical Libraries

The Medical Libraries, located on the main floor at our St. Luke’s campus and the first floor at our St. Elizabeth campus (corridor behind Admitting adjacent to Physician's Lounge), has a core collection of books and journals with access to medical, nursing and allied health resources. We also provide the following services:

  • Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery - When material is not available locally, books and photocopies can be obtained for you through interlibrary loan. For emergency patient care or other urgent information requests, information can be faxed to you or electronically sent to your e-mail address.
  • Photocopying
  • Consumer health information
  • Referrals to outside resources

The library maintains a small current collection of print books and a growing collection of electronic resources. All materials are constantly being selected and evaluated to meet the information needs of practicing health professionals and residency and fellowship program curricula. As of 2012, the library gives priority to the acquisition of electronic resources. This will result in easier use, wider access and more timely updates.

The Medical library provides a number of services to assist users to not only find but also obtain materials using Interlibrary Loan to obtain materials such as articles, books, etc. from other libraries. Library users can use our book collection or on-line electronic resources we have available to identify specific books and journal articles to answer their questions. We have electronic resources such as PubMed, OVID MEDLINE, CINAHL, STATREF, VISUALDx, COCHRANE, UpToDATE, and full-text books and journals are available. Many of the Library’s resources can be used remotely on the iPhone, iPad, Android, or desktop at home or office. Ask the librarian for further details.

Searching may be done by library users themselves or the librarian can perform the search for you. If you are interested in learning how to do your own searching on any of the databases, please give the librarian a call to set up an appointment. The Library has some of the articles needed in full-text and the Medical Library also has cooperative document delivery arrangements with libraries around the world.

WiFi is available in the Library and throughout our campuses.

Validity of Information

The information provided through our Library meets the educational, informational and research-related needs of healthcare decision makers, including our clinical staff, patients and families.

Library Directors Deborah Hailston-Jaworski and Halyna Liszczynskyj BS, MLS each have more than 30 years of experience in the field helping to provide consumers with timely, authoritative, high quality healthcare information. They can provide research and database search assistance when needed.

Disclaimer: Mohawk Valley Health System and its affiliates provide resources for informational purposes. Health information should always be carefully reviewed with your healthcare provider. Mohawk Valley Health System and its affiliates will not be responsible for misuse of information or any adverse effects of recommendations stated in these resources.