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Looking Ahead

Reuse Study for the St. Elizabeth and St. Luke’s Campuses 

  • MVHS will develop reuse scenarios for the St. Elizabeth and St. Luke’s campuses. Formal reuse study of St. Elizabeth and St. Luke’s campuses are expected to begin next year following completion of the Certificate of Need and environmental review (SEQR) process, as both campuses will be occupied until 2022.
  • The planning and reuse process will engage community stakeholder groups on redevelopment options that fit identified community needs.

Next Steps

  • MVHS has begun the site analysis and design phase of the project with the internationally recognized architectural firm NBBJ. This phase includes development of:
    • Campus footprint, including the hospital campus’s physical boundaries and layout
    • Schematic design, including sketches of floor plans, elevations, and site plan. Design meetings with hospital employees are underway, employee/medical staff guidance is critical to design and implementation.
    • Facility design, to include aesthetic exterior and interior design will consider Utica’s unique architectural character, surrounding neighborhoods and urban development initiatives, and more. This is one of the final components of the design process.
  • Recognizing how difficult this is for the property owners in the general project footprint, MVHS remains in contact with them, sending periodic updates and answering their questions by phone and email. The complexity and size of the project and the need to consult with multiple agencies and partners has resulted in delays, which have unfortunately been an additional burden to property owners seeking to make plans. MVHS will continue to work with the City and County to support what assistance they can provide to affected property owners. Review of property appraisals is ongoing by the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY), part of the contract approval process for State funding, and should be completed by November, allowing MVHS to move forward with property acquisition.
  • MVHS values both employee and community input and has received considerable feedback over the past two and a half years from healthcare providers, neighborhood and civic groups, business organizations, and others. MVHS has met with nearly 2,000 people since the start of the project. Community and employee input will ensure integration with the neighborhood that will meet the hospital’s needs and the community’s.
  • The Certificate of Need application will be submitted to the NYS Department of Health once 30 percent of hospital design is complete, expected to occur by November 2017. MVHS is working through that process with assistance from NYSDOH.
  • A required State Environmental Quality Review will entail a review of all the project’ potential impacts. MVHS is working with Hammes Company on the SEQR timeline, and preliminary work has begun.
  • The Utica Police Department Maintenance Facility will be acquired as part of the project; timing of its relocation has not been determined. MVHS will work with the City and police department as the project moves forward. The Police Station and the Utica City Court Complex will remain; they are not within the project footprint.