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Have Questions about No Hospital Downtown? We Have Answers

The Mohawk Valley Health System is working to build a new regional medical center in Downtown Utica that will transform the way healthcare is delivered in our area.

We understand that our community has many questions about the project and may be confused by conflicting information in the media and social media provided by groups like #NoHospitalDowntown. That’s why we created Just the Facts – a weekly update on key aspects of the new regional medical center.

An example of information you can find on Just the Facts is a response as to why the new regional medical center is being built in Downtown Utica – one of the main issues raised by the #NoHospitalDowntown group. The reason behind the selection of Downtown Utica as the location for the new regional medical center can be found here.

If there are questions you would like answered that cannot be found in Just the Facts, please feel free to email or call 315-624-5433.