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Patient Pricing Information

The information provided below represents a sampling of the hospital charges for some of our more frequently provided services. There could be variations in the charges based on the individual treatment or care required. Pharmacy and supply/implant charges are not included in this sampling and in some cases can contribute significantly to the overall charge.

Except where noted, these charges do not include charges for services provided by physicians or advanced practitioners (ex. anesthesiologists, attending physicians, emergency room physicians, hospitalists, pathologist, radiologists, surgeons, etc.).

A patient account representative may be reached by calling our Customer Service Department at 315-801-3420 or by email at

The charges below are listed at gross charges and MVHS patients are not expected to pay at gross charges. All MVHS patients who do not have insurance receive a self-pay rate.  Beyond the self-pay rate, whether you have health insurance or not, you may be eligible for financial assistance in paying your hospital bills. 

Here at MVHS, we offer Financial Assistance to patients who fall below 325% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. If you should have any questions in regards to Financial Assistance, please reach out to the following:

Faxton Campus: 315-624-5730
St. Luke’s Campus: 315-624-6310
St. Elizabeth’s Campus 315-801-4914 or 315-801-4359
St. Elizabeth Women’s and Children’s Health Center 315-624-3514