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Speech-Language Pathology

If you need help with articulation, oral motor skills, delayed language development, auditory processing, stuttering, voice quality, swallowing/feeding and aphasia, speech-language pathology can help.

What conditions does speech pathology help?


Evaluation determines the extent of language skills lost due to stroke, accident or other cause, and course of treatment.


Apraxia of speech occurs when speech comes out in a jumbled pattern. Treatment focuses on coordination of muscle movements to allow for a better flow of speech.

Articulation/Oral Motor Skills

Incorrect production of speech sounds are investigated through articulation tests. Weakness with mouth, jaw and tongue muscles are evaluated and treated.

Auditory Processing

Therapy is designed to create auditory awareness and sound discrimination in children who have auditory processing or language learning disabilities.

Delayed Language Development

Areas such as delayed/disordered grammar, vocabulary, concept development, listening and/or following directions are tested and tracked for progress.

Dysphagia Evaluation/Therapy

The ability to swallow is evaluated for both children and adults to determine the safest level of dietary intake. Therapy is available to improve the ability to swallow and increase the safety of eating and drinking.

Head Injury

People with head injuries are evaluated and treated for any language, cognitive and/or memory issues.

Laryngeal/Oral Cancer

Patients are evaluated and trained in the use of an artificial larynx or are taught compensatory strategies. Speech pathologists work closely with physicians to identify and treat any voice, swallowing or mouth-related complications.


The speech pattern of a stutterer is characterized by hesitations and/or repetition in the normal flow of speech.

Voice Quality

Abnormal voice conditions such as hoarseness, loss of voice or nodules can be treated after a referral from an ear, nose and throat physician.

Our Team

Speech-Language Pathology services are provided by New York State licensed speech pathologists, who have master’s degrees and are certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA).