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Just the Facts: Talking Points for New Regional Medical Center

Each week, “Just the Facts” provides information about a key aspect of the new regional medical center being built by Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS). It is designed to keep our medical staff, employees and volunteers updated as well as our community members. We believe it's vital to keep our community informed about how we’re transforming healthcare in our region.


What are the plans for the existing campuses? What are the findings and recommendations from the repurposing study?

Over the past nine months, CHA Consulting, an Albany-based engineering consulting firm, conducted a comprehensive study of the three main Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) campuses: St. Elizabeth, St. Luke’s and Faxton. Not only did they evaluate the buildings and conduct a market assessment for potential uses of the existing campuses, they engaged neighbors, businesses, elected officials and the community for their perspectives on repurposing these sites.

Last night, January 20, MVHS hosted a meeting for community members and organizations, businesses and elected officials who participated in the repurposing study to share CHA’s findings and recommendations. And, this morning, we shared the study findings with the local media.

Here are CHA’s key recommendations for each campus:

The Faxton Campus. Given split zoning and the size of existing parcels, together with the use of the facility as currently operated by MVHS, redevelopment options for this campus would be limited for any future owner. Therefore, CHA recommended that Faxton remain owned and operated by MVHS.

The St. Luke’s Campus offers a variety of redevelopment options such as housing for educational institutions and/or related mixed-use development of retail or restaurant space.

The St. Elizabeth Campus options for redevelopment include small retail/office space and housing. The road frontage along Genesee Street makes the campus attractive for housing and mixed-use options.

Next steps include appraising the St. Luke’s and St. Elizabeth campuses and identifying brokers to assist in bringing these properties out into the market for sale. We will continue to keep our community updated on this activity. As a reminder, MVHS won’t be vacating the two hospitals until February 2023.

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